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Deploy PostgreSQL Cluster for Odoo

02/21/2018 12:55:14 In Odoo Blog
postgres, postgresql, cluster, odoo, repmgr, pgbouncer, linux, ubuntu
Hello and greetings everyone.
In this post, I'll be showing you how to deploy PostgreSQL cluster and link it with Odoo production environment.

Professional Odoo 11 Deployment Guide

02/17/2018 17:11:28 In Odoo Blog
nginx, reverse proxy, odoo, 11, python, certbot, ssl, tutorial, ubuntu, linux
Hello and greetings everyone.
The purpose of this tutorial is to help our fellow Odoo developers/implementers to deploy Odoo professionally & properly.

Install OpenCV 3.4 on Ubuntu 17.10

02/14/2018 07:26:03 In Python Blog
ubuntu, opencv, python, 17 10, tutorial, documentation, java, github, linux